The not to be missed search updates in April 2015

This month we take a look at the Google ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm update that launched on April 21st, there has been a lot of hype and sensationalist reports about this update so be sure to read on and understand what it all means.  We also talk about a few other updates including Bing Shopping Campaigns and the launch of the new Apple Watch.

At a glance:

  • Google launched it’s ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm update on 21st April

  • Google update allows better presentation of URLs in mobile search results

  • The Apple Watch has been released

  • Bing Ads to roll out Shopping Campaigns

  • Facebook is thinking of building a super ad exchange

Google launched its ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm update

Following Google implementing the ‘Mobile friendly’ label in organic search results in November last year, Google officially announced that mobile usability will be part of the algorithm moving forward. This algorithm update was launched on 21st of April and since then the media have gone a little bit crazy, labelling the update ‘Google’s Mobilegeddon’.

What does this mean?

Although many media reports have used the word “penalise”, Google will not penalise you or remove you from the index for not having a positive mobile experience. The update instead looks to favour sites that are mobile friendly.

It’s important to note that without a mobile experience, you could miss out on potential revenue and traffic from all of your marketing channels – not just Google organic visitors. If you are after some further information, our SEO Director, Andrew wrote a great blog post on this topic last week:  Should I be concerned about Google’s mobile algorithm change?

Google updated the algorithms that display URLs in the search results

Google also launched another algorithm update in April with the aim to better present URLs in search results. This update is rolling out gradually and will affect only mobile results.

What does this mean?

This is a minor update and simply helps mobile searchers understand your website better in the search results page. Display URLs will better reflect the names of websites and the URL structure of the site will form a breadcrumb-like format. See the example below:

Image Source:

The Apple Watch has been released

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, the Apple Watch is an iPhone compatible smart watch that lets you read email, receive calls, track your heart rate, use WeChat, ask Siri questions, receive twitter notifications and more.

The Apple Watch was released last month and is now available to demo in Apple stores, although due to stock issues you can’t get hold of one until June at the earliest – you can now place orders online or in store. Prices range from $349 for the entry level sport model to $17,000 for the 18 karat gold editions. Wow!

One of FirstClick’s techie early adopters, Jim of SEM fame is already a proud owner of an Apple Watch (not one of the 18k ones!) He’s had it a mere 4 days and told us ‘my first observation is even though it’s designed to be an extension of your mobile, I’m surprised by how natural a quiet tap and a quick glance at your wrist can be compared to checking your iPhone. I think the most engaging features are going to come from third party apps, so it will be interesting to see what developers come up with. And, of course, I’ll keep an eye on any opportunities for search marketing.’


Bing Ads to roll out Shopping Campaigns

It’s no surprise that Bing are now testing shopping campaigns, the team announced this in late April and it is a positive step in improving the Bing Product Ads experience. Bing’s main competitor, Google, have been running Shopping Campaigns since February 2014.

Bing Shopping Campaigns will make it easier for brands to advertise their products. They are an optimal way to organise, track, and optimize your Product Ads directly in Bing Ads. The Shopping campaigns are set to roll out to all advertisers over the coming months.

Facebook is thinking of building a super ad exchange

Facebook have recently made an interesting move by applying to patent a new ad exchange. Facebook’s level of personal data is second to none (driven by over 1 billion members who actively share their information), so it was only a matter of time before they start using this data outside of just the Facebook world.

The patented ad exchange is said to combine Facebook data to find users to match profiles for advertisers and “by serving both ads and content it has the power to run as a hybrid advertising/native advertising exchange to service”. This would mean it would be in direct competition with the likes of Google and paid content promoters such as Outbrain. Of course, it is only a patent for now and may not even be developed, but certainly one to keep an eye on!

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