Shannon is an absolute champion to work with. Her understanding and in depth knowledge of the world of content strategy, creation, SEO and performance marketing amazed me from the first day I worked with her at iSelect. Shan was so great to collaborate with when we worked on iSelect’s Content Hub due to her dedication and serious commitment to hard work and achieving team goals. I really hope our paths cross professionally again soon. - 2019

Gabrielle Williamson - Marketing Manager at iSelect and Brand Consultant

Geraldine Davys - CMO at iSelect

In 2017 I submitted an entry into the ADMA Australian Young Marketer Award and Geraldine wrote the following recommendation for this:

"Each day, Shannon demonstrates a thorough understanding of digital and content marketing with a professional approach and attention to detail.

At just 25, Shannon has taken on a leading role for content at iSelect and has generated exceptional results. She was a driving force behind our new content strategy and project managed the launch of our brand new content hub; Get Life Right which was a real first for iSelect. This focus on content marketing has already started to generate some very positive results for the business, across key channels like SEO. Shannon is our go-to person for anything content related here at iSelect.

Shannon goes above and above to get involved in the digital marketing industry, whether this be through mentorship programs, making time to attend ADMA 30 below meetings or putting her hand up to speak at events. She is a very valued member of our team here at iSelect and we are incredibly proud to help support her to take out this award!" - 2017

"Shannon has an innate ability to identify client research priorities that are balanced with an holistic view of how to apply such findings to propel a program for a distinct advantage over competitors.

She developed a business content strategy to assist our program with refreshing digital content for the Live in Victoria website. The plan was able to be easily implemented through a checklist support pack that she put together to guide us through the pertinent areas of recommendations we could apply to our content development projects from initiation to completion and beyond for maintenance. Shannon is an exceptional marketer, clear communicator and timely strategist!" - 2017

Jen Cerqualia -
Digital Services Manager at Live In Victoria

"In the time I worked with Shannon she consistently demonstrated a thorough understanding of SEO with a professional approach and attention to detail. Shannon has a refreshing 'can do' attitude with a strategic and holistic approach to online marketing. I believe she would be a great asset to any team that is focused on SEO success." - 2016

Laura Melady - Search Marketing Specialist at Medibank

Socrates Mechanicos - SEO Director at Performics Australia

"Shannon is a superstar and has been an amazing support for Performics’ SEO team. During Shannon’s time with us, Performics’ SEO product has continually evolved which has not only provided Shannon with a thorough understanding of our current SEO processes, but also allows her to more readily recognise potential improvements to our products. She’s super passionate and is an absolute delight to work with." - 2016

In 2016 I submitted an entry into the ADMA Australian Young Marketer Award and Rowan wrote the following recommendation for this:

"I’ve been client side long enough to have experienced a lot of agencies and a lot of change within them. Directors, account managers and specialists have all come and gone. Some have shone, some less so, some focused on what my business needed and others concentrated on what they could invoice.

Every now and again I have the absolute pleasure of getting to work with someone exceptional. The kind of person who just fits right in, understands my brand, listens and intelligently adds value. The kind of person who dreams big and also knows what it takes to make those dreams commercially viable so they can become reality. I’m pleased to say Shannon has all of these attributes and more.

Shannon and I have worked together across two great Australian brands: Medibank and Red Energy. After my first meeting at Medibank with her and her manager I knew there was something different about her and I commented to him later ‘she’s amazing, hold on to her’, he enthusiastically agreed.

I’ll cite one example, one of many I could tell, because it neatly encapsulates her marketing-savvy and ability to keenly interpret the strategy to customer-centric, valuable, outcomes: Medibank’s brand mission was ‘for better health’ and we wanted ways to demonstrate it, not just say it.

I talked to the paid media agency team and they talked ads – great Ads – but nothing permanent, nothing that would also achieve our Social, Content and Google search improvement objectives. I talked to the SEO and content agency team that Shannon was a part of and they came up with a data-backed content strategy that focused on the opportunity when customers turned to Google and Social for health queries. Talking through the rationale and execution and it was impressive to see how they talked to empathy particularly taking in to consideration how customers might be feeling given they have a need to seek information about health conditions. The plan would see us at the top of key health insurance terms in eight weeks, they said. I was optimistic and sceptical of such a big claim, but I love ambition so we implemented it as recommended.

We didn’t get to first on Google in eight weeks, we got there in six and three years later and without it being touched since Medibank is still there. The amount of brand exposure and customer engagement Medibank has received from this single intelligent set of recommendations over the last three years has been terrific, and what it would have cost in ad dollars doesn’t bear thinking about.

All of this was seeded by Shannon. Shannon was the one that saw the awesome opportunity, linking multiple brand objectives and customer-centric objectives together. And now I’m at Red Energy there’s only one person I wanted from Performics to lead our content and social strategy program of work, and I’ve got her." - 2016

Rowan Wilde - 
Head of Digital at Red Energy

"It's rare to come across someone with equal parts precision and creativity, but Shannon has both in generous amount. I recently had the opportunity to work with Shannon during a contract role at FirstClick Consulting. She was a great manager who was never to busy to explain a task. Her investment in her clients and their brands was genuine and diligent and her work was always above par. But what made Shannon extra special was the interest and time she invested in her organisation, be it organising work events as co- chief entertainment officer, looking out for the new recruit or just a friendly chat, all while producing outstanding search results for her clients. There is no doubt that Shannon will be a definite asset to any organisation focused on content and SEO success!" - 2016

Shayya Sitaraman - Content Strategist at FirstClick Consulting

Tamara Vise - Marketing Director at Performics Australia

"Shannon always goes the extra mile for her clients and team. Shannon is clearly passionate about SEO. Shannon is a regular contributor to our company blog, she is the first to put her hand up to support marketing and agency initiatives that help to raise our company profile." - 2016

Andrew Gloyns - Enterprise SEO Consultant

"When I first met Shannon I was struck by her happy, bubbly, can-do, positive, super-happy and excited personality. Shannon just wanted an adventure - to move to the city, learn how to do organic search and work her butt off to be the very best.

She certainly didn't disappoint. Shannon always wants to improve and has fun doing it. Clients and fellow team mates all loved working with Shannon and the results spoke for themselves. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Shannon.... except, maybe if I were able to hire her myself first!" - 2015

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